About Us

About Us

Pivotal Technologies Inc. – “Your vision………..Our process” is a full-service management and technology consulting firm, in today’s competitive environment, the success of your business depends on technology, with upwardly mobile, highly trained professionals handling essential tasks. 
Because IT infrastructure changes frequently, contract staffing is the best solution to accessing the most up-to-date information technology experts. 
The top information technology consultants have chosen to work with Pivotal Technologies, the premier IT staffing firm in USA. Our international presence in India along with our network of offices and comprehensive and competitive benefits package make us one of the best in the industry.
With a focus on healthcare, media & telecom, pharmaceuticals, financial services and technology, we develop specialized solutions, executed by expert teams. Unlike other firms, we invest real time into understanding the business challenges you face, as well as your goals and priorities. Then we pair you with a hand-selected industry team representing a range of disciplines. Its sole focus: to deliver solutions that will improve your company’s performance, turning risks into strengths and discovering value in unexpected places.
We achieve these results because we approach each engagement as a partnership, based on the conviction that success depends on a mutual understanding of your systems’ complexities and how they align with your business objectives. We provide both industry and subject-matter expertise in everything from predictive analytics to quality assurance, ensuring that every aspect of your project receives expert attention.

Pivotal has built its expertise in below practice areas:

  • Information Technology,

  • US IT Staffing & Consulting Services